Michael Jackson's Twin Soul

Image: Susan Elsa´s Childhood Picture showing her only Pets she ever had, TWO BIRDS. In English, these Bird types are called LOVE BIRDS. A very cherished and personal Childhood Memory.


“It’s hard to tell them what I feel for you. They haven’t ever met you, and no one has your picture. So how can they ever understand your mystery? Let’s give them a clue:

Two birds sit on a tree. One eats cherries, while the other looks on. Two birds fly through the air. One’s song drops like crystal from the sky while the other keeps silent. Two birds wheel in the sun. One catches the light on its silver feathers, while the other spreads wings of invisibility.

It’s easy to guess which bird I am, but they’ll never find you. Unless …

Unless they already know a love that never interferes, that watches from beyond, that breathes free in the invisible air. Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious. How long will it be before the world hears your song in mine?

Oh, that is a day I hunger for!”

By Michael Joseph Jackson ©
“Dancing the Dream”

Publisher: Transworld Publishers 1992 ©

MYSTERY GARDEN Song Lyrics Message from my SOUL 2003:

"Birds fly, from a tree to the next in the shadow..."- Written by Susan Elsa

MGP Publishing 2010 © (Distributed Worldwide for Release)

Audio: Live Channeled Twin Flame Take of the Song Osiris Un-Nefer by Susan Elsa © 2010, from her Album and Project "I REMEMBER", the Twin Soul Tribute Project for Michael Jackson, hinting at the ancient Egyptian Themed REMEMBER THE TIME Short Film.

Video only for Educational Purpose and Documentary Purpose as we shape the Project Plan to film and document all of this.

Educational Visuals Collection in addition to our Blog Article Series for the DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE- The Special Information Series on Michael Jackson´s Work.

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© Susan Elsa


Historic Facts you can research anytime yourself. Here is a great Info from Internet, since not all is accurate online.


The wings of Isis are among Her most dynamic attributes. The widespread wings of the Goddess are the means by which She fans renewed life into Osiris. They are the protection spread out over the deceased in the tomb. Their shadow is our shelter in this life and the next. Egyptian representations of Isis frequently show Her with the wings of the kite hawk or kestrel, Her sacred birds (see “Black Kite”). Isis’ beautiful and powerful wings are usually shown attached to Her graceful human arms or embroidered into the fabric of the slim-fitting dress that wraps elegantly around Her body."

Original Source:

(Can only recommend this Website, it carries lots of Love and Respect.)

Note: Michael rehearsing for "THIS IS IT". Obviously he went ahead and started on OUR PERSONAL PLANS, discussed in Los Angeles 2007 and 2008. Especially FILM PLANS, and a New Company. I sketched the original Logo of my Company founded in 2008, in 2007 there with him, showed it to him. A Ying/Yang Tree with an ANKH in the Company Name. The Ankh is an original and unique Design, with A Sword as the lower line reaching down, BLUE ISIS WINGS on the upper sides, in the middle a RED SCARAB, and a ying/yang shadow/light effect on the Tree. Symbolic for the Tree of Garden Eden. All this is my personal Work and I am the one that inspired Michael to do the Ancient Egyptian Ankh stuff for his Comeback. We were going to start some really huge Film Projects after that. The Truth will prevail, as now, IsIs is back to protect Osiris and his truth! 

Original MYSTERY GARDEN Acoustic Song 2003 with Airton Perrone on the Guitar, and Susan Elsa singing. This is the Demo Michael loved so much.

Susan Elsa & Airton Perrone arranging the Acoustic Version. If you look well, you see Susan wearing a Pentagram facing upwards to Heaven. (2003) She had already been working on her "Spiritual Pop 777" Concept back then. "Psychic Pop", or "Supernatural Witchy Pop". That is how this all came about. This was before she moved to Los Angeles in 2005, to support Michael and protect him, and to study Film Directing & Cinematography in the City of Angels. (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles
2007 ©

Susan & Michael
discuss this exact Poem he wrote in Person, and Susan shows him her acoustic old Demo Song named
which literally begins with the words "Birds fly, from a Tree to the next...",
written with Airton Perrone in 2003.

Michael loves this MYSTERY GARDEN Song so much, he called it "magical" and "sexy" and adjusted his FOR ALL TIME after to Susan´s Song.

In 2008, Susan founded a Company named MYSTERY GARDEN PRODUCTIONS, with a YING/YANG ADAM& EVE TYPE TREE and ancient Egyptian Symbols in the Company Name, originally thought as a Surprise to show Michael the own Label discussed with him before, when he comes to Europe.

© Copyrighted Private & Business Information on Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson
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