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Michael Jackson's Twin Soul

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One of the most important clues in determining TwinSouls, astrologically, would be to take into account the constellation of Orion and the fixed star Sirius. 

They have been held with great significance by various ancient civilizations, as well as the ancient Egyptians. 

Many writings have been found in Egypt that depict Orion being represented by Osiris, and Sirius by Isis. 

Osiris and Isis were the first King and Queen of Egypt, Sacred Father/Mother, God/Goddess and TwinSouls; from which all of humanity sprang fourth. 

There have been a number of important structures and monuments also discovered in Egypt, that were built in alignment to Orion's stars.

The three pyramids in Giza have their air shafts directly pointed towards the 3 main stars of the Orion belt, while the Giza Necropolis as a whole, is in alignment with all of Orion's stars. 

500 miles south of Cairo, in the eastern region of the Sahara Desert, there lies a mysterious site known as Nabta Playa.  

Archeologists believe that the stones scattered there were once part of a ritual centre for a civilization that thrived there 7000 years ago, before the rise of the ancient Egyptians.  

One of the centerpieces is a circular structure which contains three main centre stones. These three stones have also been found to line up precisely with the three brightest stars of Orion. 

The fixed star Sirius has been identified as the Star of Isis by the ancient Egyptians, for it was believed that it was the cosmic manifestation of her soul. 

About five thousand years ago at a time of great drought and difficulty for the land of Egypt, the rising of the fixed star Sirius happened on the day of the Summer Solstice, after a 70 day absence from the skies. 

This was considered to trigger the annual flooding of the Nile River, which brought back life and fertility to the land of Egypt. 

It was thought that the tears of Isis brought the Nile floods as she mourned and wept for her beloved husband, Osiris. 

As a result, it was the first star in the Egyptian calendar used to signify the beginning of the Egyptian new year. 

It was believed that Osiris and Isis would one day return again from Orion and Sirius. 

In fact, many cultures in antiquity have always had the knowledge of a similar belief, that of their God, prophet or saviour returning to serve them. 

This concept interestingly parallels to the origin of TwinSouls.  

TwinSouls are known to be a pair unified–beings of masculine/feminine energy with a single oversoul.  

Before becoming graduates, they were a single entity that has experienced various lifetimes playing various types of roles, and eventually, "graduating" from the plane of earth. 

But now, they have returned in sets of male/female, sharing the original ONE soul.

They chose to descend upon earth again as volunteers, to serve and assist humanity in healing and shifting of the earth's consciousness, as of today. 

Therefore, in the astrological charts of TwinSouls, there would likely be significant links to the stars of Orion and Sirius, as they represent Osiris and Isis.

In the example of Susan and Michael charts, the links to Orion and Sirius are indeed prominent. 

Sirius is conjunct Susan's North Node in the 9th house.

The Nodes have to do with one's life path, soul mission, purpose, lessons, past lifetimes. 

The 9th house has to do with higher consciousness, philosophy, freedom, higher education, spiritual knowledge, teaching. 

Sirius tied to the North Node is a very fortunate and beneficial position. 

It suggests that its her mission in this lifetime to cultivate the sacred energy of Sirius and incorporate it into her life path and soul purpose.

This will be necessary for her in order to grow and move forward, towards her destiny.

The 9th house influence indicates that she will use her skills for the benefit of humanity as a whole. She will have access to higher knowledge and energies that she can use to guide others towards their own truth. 

In Michael's chart, Orion's fixed star, Bellatrix is prominent. 

Bellatrix is on his IC point (Imum Coeli)

The IC point is one of the 4 major points in one's chart; it is the the most deepest part of oneself. 

It represents the soul, that which is hidden from the outside world, one's roots. 

You can't get any more deeper than the IC point. 

Its also known as the 4th house cusp. 

With Bellatrix on Michael's IC, we can see here just how deeply and tightly Michael's soul is tied in with Orion. It was his true origin, his soul lineage. 

Bellatrix is indicative of great success, but only through a journey which deals with the more difficult aspects of the psyche. 

Michael and all the he had to endure is very much relative to this position. 

Along with links to Orion and Sirius, REAL TwinSouls will also have a preponderance of mirroring/complementary patterns involving the personal planets, personal points, and the mythological TwinSoul–couple asteroids, including Osiris (1923), and Isis (42). 

The TwinSoul asteroids need not necessarily be in aspect to one another, but their theme has to somehow be prevalent in each of their charts in a mirroring/complementary fashion, as well as in their synatry (comparison of the two charts to one another).

But all of that is a whole other topic in and of itself. 

For now, we will only focus on the prominence of Orion and Sirius in the charts of TwinSouls. 

Links to Orion's stars and Sirius will also be shown in the Composites, Davisons, Draconic charts, as well the Heliocentric charts. 

It all needs to be examined thoroughly using various methods, as each method has to do with different layers, levels and dimensions of one's consciousness/soul/oversoul. 

TwinSouls have a connection on all those levels, and it will clearly be evident in their astrological charts as well, if one knows what to look for.

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Twin Souls and the Connection to Orion & Sirius Star Systems

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