Michael Jackson's Twin Soul

Original Spiritual/OBE Diary of Susan Elsa- Entry Original Text from the

It is the 24th January 2014, I just woke up after a good, long sleep (which I didn´t have for Weeks now to be honest).

Before I woke up, I was at some Stage Arena, some Concert. I remember, how I not only sang and danced like Michael, of course still being me, the feminine Twin, but I also SPOKE like him, telling People "in Hollywood" things sounding like him and they were totally accepting suddenly. Accepting the reality.

There was also Beyonce and Quentin Tarantino, for some reason. I never think about that guy at all. :)

After, I left very fast, I was walking and running down stairs so fast, to catch some "Tram". As I ran down these stairs, behind me was Quentin Tarantino.

I was thinking loud, repeating Michael´s words he is speaking to me. He suddenly said "Differential Algebra", I´m like: "Huh? What is THAT Michael?"  (I always hated math and was always super dumb about it! All my Teachers and People know that, who know me personally for a while!)

Suddenly, Tarantino was talking, he was curious in an innocent way and asked "Differential Algebra? Not many People know about this, and..." then in this moment I said very rushed "Please don´t talk to me now/not now, Michael is explaining it to me!" (Like I have to focus cuz I need all my understanding and focus for math topics, you know, Im really dumb about it!)

Then, there was Beyonce also going home after work it seemed. I entered TRAM NUMBER 7, which is actually really in real Life the Tram Number that goes to my Home here in Switzerland :) so a "Magic Tram" that brings me directly home, haha. It was funny, cuz this Location was generally NOT in Switzerland, but the Tram was Swiss.

I looked behind to check for Quentin, to explain to him that I didn´t mean to be rude just had to focus first and Mike was talking, and then just talk with him. But he wasn´t there, he was not inside the Tram or outside. I saw Beyonce though, standing in between People outside at the Tram Station and she looked like "someone that was left behind". That is perfectly how her face looked like, accepting, but bitchy that she was "left behind".

Then I woke up and was smiling, Michael right there. I asked him:" You gonna tell me now or what? What is it? Differential Algebra, what does it mean?"

He giggled a bit, as usual hugging me and then he said:" Differential Algebra calculates the Difference between TWO EQUATIONS"- MJ-

I´m like:"Huh? What are you? In some Archangel School or what?" :)

I got up and thought, okay, let´s check now if Mike said something that actually even exists. I googled DIFFERENTIAL ALGEBRA just now, and this came out: (Quote Wikipedia)

In mathematics, differential rings, differential fields, and differential algebras are rings, fields, and algebras equipped with a derivation, which is a unary function that is linear and satisfies the Leibniz product rule. A natural example of a differential field is the field of rational functions C(t) in one variable, over the complex numbers, where the derivation is differentiation with respect to t.
Differential algebra refers also to the area of mathematics consisting in the study of these algebraic objects and their use for an algebraic study of the differential equations. Differential algebra has essentially been introduced by Joseph Ritt.

I still don´t get it fully of course, I just woke up! :) Still a bit sleepy. But, I am once again impressed by Michael´s Genius. I am sure he will teach me more about it, seems to be important for TWIN SOULS somehow I sense? :)

Big Hug to all!
Susan Elsa

Twin Souls: A Biological Theory

Dear Readers

As the twin soul energies are rising on the planet and awakening further the masses, anchored in a direct stream of heavenly light flowing in from Egypt (Throat Chakra of the Worlod), here is a new theory in biology regarding souls in general and especially twin souls. This theory is based on actual documented cases being researched in an ongoing process by science and people world wide.

But first, again here to introduce the topic to readers who might hear about it the first time:

What is a Twin Soul?

Well, a twin soul is like half of the one whole soul, containing two twin souls forming masculine and feminine counterparts of each other. In spiritual dimensions, they are exact copies of each other, like a mirror to each other, in female and male version. That is due to always being merged and one in the spiritual dimensions (heaven).

Usually only one incarnates while the other stays in the spiritual realms, guiding the incarnated twin soul. They say, that both incarnate at the same time on Earth and meet each other when both are ready in their soul to ascend into the next life form. The next life form is pretty different than the earthly and temporary life form. Twin Souls will be always together, not needing separate learning experiences any longer. They will have developed their both self to a degree of full mastership of the mind and soul and it’s powers/skills. In the next life form, they will live in full consciousness of their “light body”, which is made out of white fire and bright lights and immortal. It is not made out of flesh and fixed. One can fly, change form and go to many places in the Universe by the power of pure thought.

“Think it and it appears.”

There are many stories out there, generally, of people having sensed these feelings of knowing another at the first meeting and feeling each other’s soul basically. There are examples of twin soul stories people published and put online and we can only recommend that you do your own research and try to RE-MEMBER your own memory of it.

It is the time now, for love to come back into your souls.


When Twinsouls are BOTH incarnated at the same time:

They do not have to look alike necessarily, due to possible different heritage and race. Let’s say, one twin incarnates as a Chinese man, while his female twin soul incarnates as a white American woman. Naturally and logically, they will not look alike at first sight, physically, plastically. Their biology will be somewhat different and in those cases, they might never even meet but sense each other still during their parallel lives on Earth.

Sometimes, they dream of each other. Many of us have had dreams of “strangers” at some time in our life, these dreams can be hints from your higher self and God.

If both twins are incarnated and have a somewhat similar heritage/race, then they will usually look alike and be alike in many ways. Biologically speaking, they will automatically share similar health issues, physical features like hand form, posture, have similar smiles, similar passions and interests. Yes, indeed, it can go that far.

The more a twin soul is complete in their experiences and ready to unite, the more they will be alike because it is the gravitational pull which morphs them naturally into the same appearance, feelings, even jobs and passions. That automatically has a big effect on the biology of the whole body, the vessel in which they incarnate. More about that below.

When only One Twin Soul incarnates:

When only one of the two incarnates and the other stays in spirit as a guide, one obviously cannot prove in any way if the two would biologically look alike, because there is only one body and one biology and no second to compare with our earthly limited scientific methods.

We welcome any drawings some of you might have made of your non-incarnated twin soul and personal stories. If you want to share your story, send us a message and we will be glad to be in touch with you.

When both incarnate and one passes back to spirit

In these cases, as in the well documented examples of Jean Cline and George Reeves (Twin Souls Merging), Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson and many more to be published within the next coming years, there is undeniable physical and biological evidence of “an adjustment of looks and physical properties, facial features” taking place in a Twin Soul incarnated when her/his Twin Soul passes and they start the process of merging back into one.

It is quite logical, that when both had two separate bodies and then one body is left and the two merge back into one, that it can include all levels including physical matter and the very biology of the body being influenced in a way that our science can measure.

In Jean Cline’s case, after George Reeves passed and started to merge with her, having a literal relationship between mortal and immortal spirit, her whole appearance began to change into the appearance of George Reeves.

In Susan Elsa’s case in goes even further. Both have such similar biologies and appearances, one can only think about the mirror theory of twin souls when seeing the opposing, mirroring cheek moles both have. Michael on his left cheek, Susan on her right cheek, as if they are a physically manifested twin soul mirror of each other, looking at each other in feminine and masculine versions.

After Michael’s passing, just as in Jean Cline’s case, Susan Elsa’s physical appearance began to change. Since 2005, Susan has been involved in paranormal scientific research and continues to go after her passion of proving spiritual truths with scientific methods.

Isn’t it logical, that when you take two things and fusion them into one thing, that they each would integrate more of the other into themselves to “fusion”?


If you take a red water color and a blue water color and fusion them, what happens on a physical level in this process? The blue water color takes in the red, and the red water color takes in the blue, becoming different, becoming “closer” to the other in appearance and forming a middle, new color: purple.

So, can twin souls maybe even be measured in the near future and proven undeniably, through biological and physical scientific methods?

We think, absolutely yes!

It is a new thought, an idea. Maybe some super genius scientist will pick it up and make history with it, by proving and establishing a new insight into our mysteries of life and beyond.

Michael & Susan: Research Journal

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January 24th 2014
Differential Algebra by Michael Jackson ©
(Michael teaches unexpected Topic in Dream transitioning Susan smoothly into Waking Up and then continuing for 1 Day Math Teachings!)

Note: Susan always disliked numbers and math. Very interesting developments.

March 13, 2013: [Twin Souls: A Biological Theory]

[New Science Theory about Twin Souls...]

December-February, 2012/2013: Archangel Michael's Wedding- A unique life story and science phenomenon. Michael Jackson's Original Twin Soul Story. The Final Message.

Osiris & IsIs are back! After several years of hard work and personal struggles, Susan Elsa finally publishes her memoirs and integrates her Twin Soul, Michael Jackson, openly in her book, revealing details of their relationship and business plans back in Los Angeles. A very unique book by a very unique artist.

December 21, 2012: The "Living" Project is born!

Introducing a long announced and very secret, living project with her Song "Other Part of Him"- written/channeled on 11-11-11 through Michael Jackson in spirit.

Being Michael's feminine counterpart, she answers here again just like in her Debut Album " I REMEMBER" directly to Michael's soul, his work and his messages, completing them with spiritual art projects.

Another Part of Me is a Song by Michael Jackson about Susan Elsa/IsIs and their pre-destined soul mission. Other Part of Him is a very unique production and song and literally feels like the missing puzzle piece in feminine form, all it's skeleton and sounds to his masculine counterpart version, building a big twin soul pop song message.

August/September, 2011: Twin Soul Dance Channeling

Susan Elsa experiments in film making, inuitive channeled dancing, fashion design and lightning for her coming film productions, gathering experience technically.

December 21, 2010: "I REMEMBER"- A magical Pop Album

Susan Elsa travels during November 2010 to Egypt and visits many ancient temples (Philae Isis Temple/ Aswan, Abu Simbel Temple for Nefertiti built by Ramses II and more...)

Susan Elsa documented her spiritual work for Egypt and the Planet together with her Twin Soul, Michael Jackson, being now in spirit and able to channel energies from God and Heaven through Susan, to heal and change the world.

Shortly after the release of her Debut Album "I Remember", a historic Egyptian revolution rises, accompanied by much music and drumming and vocal chanting!

A coincidence?

April 14, 2010: Merging Twin Souls in Pop Music

Debut of the first openly channeled Pop Song with Michael Jackson's Ghost (ONE LOVE- Spiritual Pop Debut 777)

June 23, 2009: Premonition of "own" Death

Susan Elsa has a very intense vision and an accompanying physical feeling of "her own death" approaching. She also suffers heart and blood pressure issues, dizzyness and feels constantly cold and freezing.

Spring/Summer, 2007-2008: Twin Soul Physical Meeting

Susan Elsa meets Michael Jackson in California and experiences a parallel near-death experience. The starting point of the biological and physical merging process?

Summer, 2005: Susan Elsa moves to Los Angeles

Susan Elsa moves permanently to Los Angeles, starts studying Film Directing & Cinematography.

Spring/Summer, 2005: Merging Consciousness Phenomena

Dr. Peter Brugger researches the unique case of Susan Elsa in scientific and medical experiments.

Spring/Summer, 2003: Archangel Michael Experience begins

After a very vivid dream about Archangel Michael having Michael Jackson's face, extreme spiritual situations kept happening to Susan Elsa, influencing even the lives of surrounding people in 3 different continents.



Then a final dream followed more vivid than ever, reaching into my awakened life. I have kept this dream, details of it, secret until now, because it is so historic. This dream took place in 2003, exactly seven years prior to our merging after he passed later.

It was a usual summer day and I went to bed. After I fell asleep, I found myself inside my dream in a hospital kind of bed. It could also be something else, but not at home. I felt so exhausted and burned out, like after some kind of "marathon fighting". I could not move really, like I am an old lady or something like that.

Then, in the corner of the room, I saw suddenly Michael appear as if floating toward me. He was wearing blue clothing that was so wide, that it floated as well not showing his body shape. He looked the same like he looked at that time in real life; his face was very serious this time. He seemed as if he does not stand on any ground I saw, but his energy reached far down and far up. Michael was surrounded by a blue fire aura, wearing something that looked like the universe around his belly and glittering in white in the same time all over the place.

As soon as I saw him, I recognized him as Archangel Michael and reached out my hand and said gently and exhausted:" Michael!" My arm felt tired and I still could reach for him. This moment I woke up, I did not see the rest of the story.

The first moment after awakening, I was confused and found it funny: Why am I dreaming about Archangel Michael suddenly? I don't know anything about him nor ever was interested so much in Angels or read about them. And why in the World did he have Michael Jackson’s face? It was so random. That is what puzzled me. I ignored the dream, thinking it is pure fantasy and went on with my day.

In the afternoon after work, I went to the gym. It was owned by a Mister Elsener, which was a former police officer. He knew nothing about me; I knew nothing about him. But this day was different. As I sat on the one machine that works out the shoulder muscles in a wing type of movement, Mister Elsener suddenly came up to me telling the straight out like he is certain:

"Archangel Michael wants to help you! But you are so stubborn; you have to allow him to help. He can't do it against your will; Angels must respect free will. Ask him!Let him help you!"

I was shocked and stopped working out in this moment, replying:" Oh my God, how can you know what I was dreaming about last night?" Bam. It was so freaky and clear. But still, back then I didn't get it and I and Mister Elsener got into a very spiritual and fun conversation afterwards. I asked him:" But why did Archangel Michael have Michael Jackson's face in my dream?" I was like a little, confused and amazed child.

He explained to me, that he had no clue why he had Michael Jackson's face. Today, I think back and find it funny, but I just didn't get it before Michael passed out of his limited human form.    


Susan Elsa

Copyright:   1982-2012

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope & faith.

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